Raul Mendez honored as Stanislaus County Mentor of the Year for 2012.

Raul Mendez

I began my public service career in Stanislaus County in 2001—after nearly five years with the City of San José. For me, Stanislaus County provided an opportunity for me to dedicate my professional work to the communities that I grew up in (born in Patterson, graduated high school in Riverbank and obtained by Bachelor’s degree at CSU, Stanislaus in Turlock). I also hold a Masters in Public Policy from the University of Michigan which cemented my desire to begin a career in public service. Additionally, this community, my community, was the perfect place to raise a family with my wife Quan (Amy) Mendez. We have two beautiful kids that are our pride and joy – Nicholas – age 13 and a student at Laloma Junior High School and Isabella – age 11 and a student at Lakewood Elementary.

Both in Stanislaus County and the City of San Jose, my work has focused on improving public services to the communities that we serve. This has been successfully done through good communication, creative thinking, problem solving, determination and most importantly patience—since improvements often take time. I use this same approach when mentoring both my kids and students (through the County Mentor Program). Like a community, each are very unique and require attention customized to their specific needs.

My participation in the County Mentor Program has been a blessing that makes me a better professional and parent. I learn as much (if not more) from my weekly sessions with my students. Often times, my students become my mentors through their energy and determination. They become my motivation.

I’ve participated in the Mentoring Program for nearly a decade and the time that I have spent with Leonardo, Raul, Jason, Lisbee, Esther, Marcos, Bryant, Alfred, Darius, Chris and Matila are priceless. I’m very appreciative of Everett and Franklin Elementary Schools and their Principals, Reading Intervention Specialists and Teachers for making participation in the program very easy and flexible (to accommodate my busy schedule) and for the incredible individuals that have been members of my Mentor Team over the years (Keith, Sandra, Rick and Mark).

It has been amazing seeing this powerful program grow each and every year in our community. Make a difference by Mentoring a student today!

Deb Myetich honored as Site Coordinator of 2012.

Deb Myetich

I currently am employed with Stanislaus County Department of Child Support Services as a Child Support Supervisor. I was hired as Account Clerk II with the department in December 1988 and promoted to an Account Clerk III in June 1991. I applied for and was given a job as a Family Support Officer I in June 1995, promoted to Family Support Officer II in December1995 and promoted to Family Support Officer III in March 1998 as we were then called while under the District Attorney’s office. In January 2003, I was given the Mentor of the Year award due to my involvement with Girl Scouts. I became the Departments Mentor Site Coordinator in February 2003. I have been the Departments Group Blood Plan Coordinator since July 1998 as well as the Police and Corrections Team Liaison since April 2007. During my years in child support I worked both staff and supervisory positions in Accounting, Enforcement, Locate, Enforcement Legal, UIFSA (Uniform Interstate Family Support Act) and Complaint Resolution units.

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