About Us

New For School Year 2023-2024

In the 2023-2024 school year, Stanislaus County is joining forces with Sierra Vista Child & Family Services to elevate our volunteer mentor program. Sierra Vista's specialized team will provide on-site support, guaranteeing that volunteers have the knowledge and skills needed to forge meaningful connections with their student mentees. To enhance the mentorship experience, sessions will be extended from 30 minutes to a more comprehensive one-hour format. Additionally, we're excited to announce that the volunteer mentor program is now open to retirees of Stanislaus County, inviting their wealth of experience to positively impact the development of our community's youth.

Who We Are

For over 24 years, the County Employee Volunteer Mentor Program continues to grow alongside the many needs in our county related to elementary education. In 1999, the Chief Executive Office developed a mentor program to address the County’s high dropout rate of 23.6%, which was one of the highest for the state of California. It was a local epidemic requiring a local, community driven solution to combat the potential barriers caused by either low self -esteem, lack of role models, disengagement, or a foreign language.

What We Do

  • We volunteer one hour each week to mentor a child at a selected local school.
  • We read with a young person and assist with homework.
  • We improve reading comprehension.
  • We challenge a young person to achieve their goal.

What We Offer

This program positively impacts the lives of young people who are struggling in the classroom for various reasons. Employees volunteer their time to change a young person’s life by helping them identify, grow and achieve their goals. Our mentor program uses a team based approach in partnership with Sierra Vista Child and Family Services. A team can be comprised of two employees who alternate their mentor days, so the young person consistently receives a visit once a week.

Contact Us

Patricia Lord
Management Consultant
Phone: (209) 573-0905
Email: moc.ytnuocnats@pdrol
Anne Aleson
Sierra Vista Child and Family Services
Mentor Program Coordinator
Phone: (209) 534-4471